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Inspired by, I’ve created an opportunity for people to get their afternoon caffeine fix and connect with someone new for free. It’s called Tea With Me. (There are no blackout dates and no restrictions.) I’m always looking to meet new people, explore a new coffee shop, or just catch up over a good cup of tea. Fill out the “easy peasy form” to get started or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter.


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Building teams, re-imagining old systems, and creating new processes is what I do best. Couple these actions with brand-driven values and I can figure out how to solve any problem.

To help me best respond to your inquiry, please describe the problem you’re looking to solve in as much detail as possible before telling me the result you’d like to achieve. I respond to all inquiries and will likely request to meet over a cup of tea to discuss your opportunity further.

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What people are saying...

Debra's ability to develop tracking systems that allowed the entire team to stay focused is one of the direct reasons we were so successful. She is one of the most hard-working, loyal and reliable people I have ever met.

- Smith Anderson, Mavrck

She has incredible (super human?) organizational skills, works great with team-members and is a great person to have on your side.

- Seth Priebatsch, SCVNGR/LevelUp

Debra has high standards and holds her vendors to a high level of quality. But, she does so while maintaining a very easy, friendly style which makes working with her a pleasure. 

- Sheryl Read, Boston Business Print

Debra was a valuable resource and helped our company identify problem areas and probable solutions for future growth and development.

- Greg Garson, High Start Group

Debra's continued focus on the bigger company picture helped us to operationalize our business for scale and create repeatable processes and templates, many of which she authored. 

- James Blair, LionsMouth Digital