Debra Swersky

Impacting Employees

Communicate brand and culture to new hires.

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70kft employs strategic insights to develop brand and marketing solutions for enterprise technology innovators and disruptors.

Recently specializing, the agency was looking to maximize the work of its team and create capacity transparency. Though projects were delivered on time, studio members complained of paralysis by notification and a “black hole” of information within their varied systems.

I designed and implemented systems to provide data-driven capacity, project flow, and profitability insights while also consolidating notifications and standardizing deliverables.



SCVNGR leverages location-based technology to engage and foster customer loyalty with enterprise clients and local businesses. 

When SCVNGR pivoted to become LevelUp and expanded to four cities the team onboarded 30+ people to deploy. An efficient hiring process was necessary to rapidly and effectively scale the team and grow the organization. 

I developed a four-step, game-based interview to hire (over the course of three years) 50+ of the best people in the world and a position-based training, infused with LevelUp’s culture, for new employees. 


Visible Measures

Visible Measures assists national brands with distribution of on-line video content via media publishers to consumers who engage with it. 

As a true start-up organization, Visible Measures had pivoted several times during its existence. The company message was fragmented and employees were confused, especially the sales team scattered across the world. 

I developed a new pitch deck for distribution across the sales team incorporating direct feedback from media planners and distilled the agency-specific pitch into a 30-second, networking-focused pitch for the entire organization to utilize in casual conversation.


Inside Sports & Entertainment Group

Inside Sports & Entertainment Group (InsideSEG) creates custom experiential travel packages to major sporting and entertainment events worldwide for corporate use.

Founded by two industry professionals, the core value proposition was to design, plan, and execute experiences. The mission was clear: sell more packages. Yet, no one was accountable for consistency in delivery, nor defining and communicating the vision. 

I established the Event Coordinator role and became the on-site liaison for all attending clients to ensure a stellar experience. Back at the office, I debriefed each event, evaluated performances, and formalized the company’s mission and vision statements.


House of Genius

House of Genius is a monthly meeting of the minds dedicated to exploring, discussing, and solving important entrepreneurial issues.

When launched in 2013 a small team came together to plan, recruit for, and host each event. As plans changed the responsibility fell to one person to bear the sole responsibility. As the startup scene grew, more people wanted to get involved in the coordination efforts.

I worked with the lead organizer to create systems that decentralized the planning process, empowering more people to plan, recruit, and run the monthly events.