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It's Official

My fast-walking, fast-talking, east-coast-represent self has moved to The Big D: Dallas, TX. Have no fear, I still walk fast, talk fast, and (for the most part) live on East Coast time. I’ll be back visiting New York and Boston relatively often, so you can stand by my favorite haunts and let me know when you’re there.

As for where to find me in Dallas, take a moment to fill out the form below (inspired by I’d love to catch-up and show you around town. I’m typically at a coffee shop in the CBD, working at The Grove, mentoring at The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, or hanging out at The Farmers Market.

The Details


I've often cherished a good cup of tea in the afternoon and typically enjoy the smell of coffee. More than the tea or coffee I've always enjoyed the ambiance and conversation in a coffee shop. So let's get coffee (or tea). If we're chatting, I'm paying. That's right. Your afternoon caffeine fix is free. 


Better question: why not?! I like meeting new people, catching up with old friends, and enjoying the ambiance of a good coffee shop.


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No blackout dates. No restrictions. Pick a time on the form and we'll figure it out together.


Um... you! Or someone who you think I should meet.


Well... I'm in Dallas, and travel to Boston and New York semi-regularly, so let's try to make this work.