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Journal vs. Blog

After waiting a very, very long time, I launched my website. It became publicly accessible to the masses and I started receiving feedback… constructive criticism. It was delightful. (Thank you very much to those that wrote me with compliments, suggestions, and recommendations.) The most common questions were about the “call-to-action” and the “blog.” Both are easily misunderstood, so to clarify: 

The “call-to-action” is “Find Me.” Contrary to popular belief, this website is not meant to be a “billboard for hire.” I’m looking to present myself in a professional manner and use a platform, like a website, to showcase my portfolio of projects that put my “Career in Context” (hence the section titled as such). Each of the projects that I worked on in this section can be considered case studies for the impact that my work can have on an organization. Should you want to know the specific deliverables of work that I did to move these projects forward (and, trust me, it was a lot), we can chat… or you can “Find Me”... especially if you’re interested in hiring me. 

The “blog” is a “journal.” To me there is a nuanced difference between the two words… even though the dictionary says that a blog is an on-line journal. A “blog” to me, for a professional, signifies someone trying to put their $0.02 in on a subject matter. On the other hand, a “Journal” to me is a person musing on a topic and giving you their day-to-day thoughts… of which I have many. It’s in my “Journal” that you’ll hopefully catch a glimmer of how I think about life. Perhaps it will be useful to you… or at least become a topic of conversation for when next you “Find me.”

So… have you found me yet? How ‘bout now?

Debra Swersky