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David Sedaris wrote a brilliant piece on Fitbit back in 2014. By “brilliant” I mean “heartbreaking.” I joined the Fitbit community on March 20, 2013, so for me the piece was hilarious and too-close-to-home. I both laughed and cried. He, David Sedaris, was me. My life was the life that he was parodying. I have the 70,000 step badge to prove it and a joke with friends about the quote, “Everything is within walking distance if you have enough time.” (Steven Wright)

Use whatever word you want. David uses “obsessed.” I’ve used “addicted.” You might think “disgusting.” And someone else “reality.” But at the end of the day we can all thank our lucky stars that it’s steps in a day vs. drugs. Right? Right. 

Coming back to last week’s entry and the idea of being grounded (punished for moving too fast… penalized for going too far… forced into relaxation… ), I have had to acknowledge the word “limitations.” Like that guy from Essentialism being challenged to take a nap, phrases like “my Fitbit thinks I can do better” can fire me up, but I need to recognize my limits. So here is my acknowledgment that I am limited in recognizing my limitations: 

Hello Limit!

How are you? What’s doin’ in… Where are you? 

At any rate, thanks for sitting quietly while I silently pushed myself harder and harder through life these past 30-something years. It was fun, physically and mentally. But, I’ve been grounded as of recently. And in my time resting I’ve reflected on some limits I’d like to set. I was hoping that we could chat and figure out a way to work together. 

Being young-at-heart I failed to recognize how important you are to living a long life. Since I would, ideally, like to live to be 126, I was hoping that we could figure out how to work together sooner rather than later. I’m thinking you need more of a voice in the conversation or to be a main character amongst the meeps - something that gives you more of a speaking part. More to the point, I’m confident we can come to one of those win-win situations where both you and I are happy and fulfilled. It’ll take some time, but we’ll get there. I’ve got my whole life left to live.

Moving on, let’s chat next week after I check-in with my doctor. Until then!

Debra Swersky

Silly? Maybe. Necessary? Yes. At the end of the day, literally and figuratively, if you give me a goal and ask me to meet it… I will do whatever I can do to crush it setting the bar higher and higher for myself. Fitbit, you made it too easy for me… too too easy. 

“Why is it some people can manage a thing like a Fitbit, while others go off the rails and allow it to rule, and perhaps even ruin, their lives?” David Sedaris asks. My current response: Because some people know where there limits are, and others don’t know when to take a nap.

Debra Swersky