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The Update

Writing a book is hard (duh). I’m working on it. It’s a work in progress. Right now I’m in research-and-gather mode… which is funny since the book is about me and my experiences. 

When I say “research” I mean understand the flow of the book. Are we talking “Born A Crime” which has the historical context? Or are we talking “Long Walk to Freedom” which is chronological and overly detailed at times? The jury is still out. 

When I say “gather” I mean reading through and categorizing all of the main points that I made during my journal writing process. That’s a lot of entries and a lot of information to categorize. My plan from there is to figure out the main points that I would like to make and then weave those themes into the book more intentionally… we’ll see how I do in the next few months.

But, since ceasing my weekly musings, I realized that writing not only helps me to process my thoughts, but also helps me think more constructively about life. Towards the end of last year I was dealing with a medical issue (yes, the same one that made me give up my Fitbit). My writings, though constructive, were not what I wanted to be presenting as part of my personal brand/web portfolio. As a general site I felt that you didn’t need to know that I was suffering from a medical condition - right? (Right.) This site,, is meant to be about working with me and hiring me and how we can work together and on what and why etc. etc. Revealing the chronology of my medical condition and how I’m coping with it didn’t seem right in this professional context. It does, however, make sense to discuss in other contexts: those where I can help others who are also suffering. Said succinctly: the reader that I was writing for on was no longer the reader that was reading

So, in an effort to help me work through my thoughts and be more constructive about my life, I decided to start a new writing venture specific to my medical condition. Since the condition is rare, I’m hoping to share my story with a community of people who are suffering (just like me) and bring awareness to a disease that affects more people than are willing to talk about it.  

If you’re interested in learning more about my condition, the journey that I’ve been on, and how I’m keeping my head up, please feel free to subscribe on the site itself

Debra Swersky